credits - Mont'e Prama

Project implemented under the communications and marketing plan for the Mont’e Prama sculpture complex. Communication and promotion for cultural heritage awareness-raising, funded by the Enhanced Framework Programme Agreement “concerning cultural assets and activities” between the Autonomous Region of Sardinia, the Department for Economic Development and Cohesion and the Ministry of Cultural Assets and Activities and Tourism, signed on 29 October 2014..

Concept and guidance
To design the general promotional strategies for the Mont’e Prama sculpture complex and to enhance the regional, national and international visibility and attractiveness of this important heritage, a steering group was established by means of a MoU signed on 12 December 2011 between the Ministry for Cultural Assets and Activities – Regional Directorate for the Cultural and Environmental Heritage of Sardinia, the Archaeological Heritage Superintendency of the Provinces of Cagliari and Oristano, the Municipality of Cabras and the Autonomous Region of Sardinia.



Ojos design
Alberto Soi – art director, cultural heritage promotion expert
Elisabetta Marongiu – content manager, editor and production manager
Francesca Costa – archaeologist and scientific consultant
Antonio Palumbo – IT expert and graphic web developer
Manuela Melis – graphic designer and illustrator
Networld – translation agency

Poliste – coordinator
Serenella Paci – project manager, Poliste manager
Manuela Lai – operational coordination, organisational secretariat and facilitator of participatory processes
Alessandra Polo – social media strategist
Salvatore Cubeddu – scriptwriter and story editor

Cles Economia
Alessandro Leon – cultural economist, Cles manager
Elena Alessandrini – cultural economist
Alessandro Romano – local development expert

ECCOM Progetti
Maria Francesca Guida – heritage marketing expert, manager at ECCOM Progetti
Cristina da Milano – museum educator and communicator
Elisabetta Falchetti – expert in scientific museology, research, communication and education
Cora Fontana – expert in territorial development, researcher
Gianluca Petrillo – communication expert

Scientific coordination
Alessandro Usai  archaeologist responsible for the territory of Cabras and scientific director of the Mont’e Prama’s excavations, officer at the Archaeology, Art and Landscape Superintendency for Cagliari and the provinces of Oristano and southern Sardinia


Contracting authority
Roberta Sanna, Regione Autonoma della Sardegna director of the Cultural Heritage and Museum Service
Maria Caterina Meloni, Regione Autonoma della Sardegna officer in charge of the procedure
Cristiano Melis, Elisabetta Melis, Regione Autonoma della Sardegna – assistants
Anna Paola Mura, Regione Autonoma della Sardegna contract execution manager

Drawings, photos and videos
The images and videos of the cultural heritage are reproduced by courtesy of the Ministry of Cultural Assets and Activities and Tourism.

Pierluigi Dessì, Confini visivi  photos of the displays at the National Archaeological Museum of Cagliari and the Giovanni Marongiu Civic Museum in Cabras

Araldo de Luca for the Archaeological Conservation Centre (ACC) – photos of restoration works and of the statues, models of nuraghes and betyls

Gianni Alvito, Teravista – aerial photos of the archaeological site

EjaTV – videos, filming for television and interviews

Claudio Buffa, Enrico Fois, Ministry of Cultural Assets, Autonomous Region of Sardinia, Alberto Soi, Alfonso Stiglitz, Egidio Trainito, Alessandro Usai – photo archives