Display of sculptures - Mont'e Prama
View of the temporary show "La pietra e gli eroi" (Stone and heroes)

On conclusion of the first restoration works, in November 2011, a temporary show was set up in the Centre of Li Punti, at Sassari, entitled La pietra e gli eroi (Stone and heroes): for the first time since discovery the public was able to see the whole sculpture complex of Mont’e Prama. In addition to the restored and partly reassembled statues, other findings, not used in reconstruction of the sculptures, were displayed in a long glass showcase set along the wall.

On 22 March 2014, after the transfer of the sculptures carefully organised by the ACC on behalf of the Archaeological Superintendency of Cagliari, the show Mont’e Prama 1974- 2014 was opened in parallel at two venues: the National Archaeological Museum of Cagliari and the ‘Giovanni Marongiu’ Civic Museum in Cabras.
The current arrangement of the statues in the two museums is based on the exhibition held in 2014.

2014, view of the exhibition of Giovanni Marongiu Civic Museum in Cabras
View of the exhibition at the National Archaeological Museum in Cagliari

A third room was also set up at Cabras. Here, between 2015 and 2017 the most significant findings of recent excavation campaigns were added, some before being restored.

The two statues of boxers found in 2014. That on the left is still to be restored.

Overall, between the two museums, the collection is impressive: 27 anthropomorphic statues (not complete) – comprising 6 archers, 3 warriors and 18 boxers, one warrior’s shield, 16 models of nuraghes – of which 5 simple, 4 four-lobed, 6 eight-lobed and one indefinable, 9 betyls – 6 in sandstone and 3 in limestone, and other unidentified sculptures, but the number is growing as excavation of the necropolis continues.

In both museums, the exhibition design is not final: in Cagliari the ‘Liquid Museum’ is being set up, and will include a part concerning the group of sculptures.
At Cabras, a new room is being built for the sculptures, and its interior is now being designed.

For more details on the museum exhibitions see:
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