National Archaeological Museum
of Cagliari

Hosted in the Museum Citadel, the National Archaeological Museum in Cagliari tells the ancient history of Sardinia through its archaeological heritage.
A ‘liquid’ museum for children, senior citizens, foreign visitors, persons with reduced mobility. It uses sustainable and renewable technologies to promote knowledge of its collections and to offer an engaging museum experience to all its visitors.

Views of the exhibition 'Mont'e Prama 1974-2014' at the National Archaeological Museum of Cagliari

Since March 2014, some spaces in the Museum have been devoted to the heroes of Mont’e Prama.
On the ground floor and the third floor, the exhibition Mont’e Prama 1974-2014 set up in parallel with Giovanni Marongiu Civic Museum of Cabras, includes 18 statues of the heroes of Mont’e Prama – 3 archers, 2 warriors and 13 boxers, one warrior’s shield, 8 models of nuraghes – 3 simple, 1 four-lobed, 3 eight-lobed and 1 indefinable, and 7 betyls – 4 in sandstone and 3 in limestone.

Model of nuraghe found at Serra 'e is Araus

In Cagliari, still in the Mont’e Prama exhibition but set apart for comparison purposes, several finds from other places are also on show: three items from the Cannevadosu locality (one three-lobed nuraghe model, a fragment of another undefined model and a fragment from the base of a statue), the model from San Vero Milis, Serra ‘e is Araus locality, and one head from Narbolia, Banatou locality.

National Archaeological Museum of Cagliari
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View of the exhibition at the National Archaeological Museum in Cagliari