Promotion and dissemination

Promotion and dissemination

The sculpture complex of Mont’e Prama
Communication and promotion to raise awareness of the cultural heritage


The communication and marketing plan was designed as a unitary project to shine a spotlight on the Mont’e Prama complex.
To develop a coordinated communication plan, joining together the different sites involved, the museum exhibitions and the many stakeholders and players – the Regional Authorities chose a participatory process. The idea was to produce a tool for coordination between players and actions and for joint strategic planning. The overall aim was to promote the heritage of Mont’e Prama as a driver of local development and to raise its profile in Sardinia, in Italy and internationally.

In view of the cultural and historical importance of the Mont’e Prama complex as a marker of cultural identity and as a tourist attraction helping to boost the local economy, outreach activities have been included in the plan. Some examples are participatory workshops and debates open to all stakeholders, using the open space technology approach. Other tools used are posters, printed products and internet communication, including this website, social media profiles and digital storytelling, all designed with a common objective in mind.

The first key step of the communication strategy was the design of a coordinated image, defined in the Brand Use Guide, to give the sculpture complex a unitary visual image. Another important choice was that of changing the general name given to the statues, commonly referred to as ‘giants of Mont’e Prama’, to that of Heroes of Mont’e Prama, which was felt to be more appropriate.

The coherent and integrated actions form a toolbox of initiatives, pilot actions and formats applicable to different contexts (workshops in schools, thematic pathways, educational tours, tourist fairs), which the Regional Authorities will be able to use beyond the 3-year period covered by the communication plan, to build on the results obtained.

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