Visual identity - Mont'e Prama

Communicating complexity

To raise the international visibility of the Mont’e Prama heritage, a common corporate brand was developed for use by all the players involved in its management and promotion across four locations: the ‘Giovanni Marongiu’ Civic Museum at Cabras; the Archaeological Area of Mont’e Prama at Cabras; the National Archaeological Museum in Cagliari and the Cultural Heritage Restoration Centre of Li Punti in Sassari.

The old brand

The new ‘umbrella’ brand, spanning several different ‘products’ (i.e. the different places, each with its distinctive ‘personality’ and features) encompasses the diversity of elements and sites, while joining them as part of a unitary and unique cultural heritage.

This is why the old logo – designed by Jari Franceschetto – was restyled. The original graphic features have been maintained, but have been adapted for use in a variety of communication settings according to issuer and to type of medium and physical support. The purpose was to ensure recognition of the different venues, their connotations and meanings.


The new brand 

The lettering of the old logo, marked by excessive contrast, has been replaced by the Clavo typeface, designed in 2013 by Michał Jarociński and selected for the event New Typefaces at the Gutenberg Museum of Mainz, which maintains classic proportions and traditional size but has uniform thickness and a more contemporary visual style.

The geometrical design of the logo places the graphic elements and letters in a rectangular field with harmonic, defined and constant geometrical proportions and relationships.

The rectangular field of the logo is in the solid corporate colour, with the icon and logotype in white; this choice enhances impact and recognition, making the logo highly visible also in mixed visual contexts (e.g. when used against photographic or coloured backgrounds). It also enables easier use by authorised third parties (e.g. licensing of use of the logo to sponsors).


Association with institutional logos

The communication campaign for the sculpture complex of Mont’e Prama is carried out in collaboration with three public agencies:

  • The Ministry of Cultural Assets and Activities and Tourism
  • The Autonomous Region of Sardinia
  • The Municipality of Cabras.

The arrangement of the Mont’e Prama logo and the authorities’ logos varies according to the level of government (national, regional or municipal).

The proportions and relative distances – which can be consulted in the Brand Use Guide – have been studied to ensure recognition of each while highlighting each operational relationship in context.

The Brand Use Guide (which can be downloaded through the form “Contacts”) defines the formal rules of composition, the relationships between the various elements of corporate identity and rules for the most common uses of the design.