About us

The founding members of the Mont’e Prama Foundation are the Ministry of Culture, the Autonomous Region of Sardinia, and the Municipality of Cabras. The Archdiocese of Oristano is a supporting member.

Foundation’s Organs and Structure

The organs of the Foundation include the president, appointed by the Ministry of Culture in agreement with the Region of Sardinia, the board of directors, the steering council, the scientific committee, the audit body, and the director.


Board of Directors

Anthony Muroni, President of the Board and the Foundation

Andrea Abis, Vice President

Paolo Fresu, Board Member

Patricia Olivo, Board Member

Efisio Trincas, Board Member

Graziella Pinna, Board Member


Steering Council
The steering council is responsible for determining the programs, priorities, and objectives of the Foundation, as well as verifying the results.

Andrea Abis, President

Christian Solinas, Council Member

Francesco Muscolino, Council Member

Anthony Muroni, Council Member


Scientific Committee
The Foundation benefits from the activity of a scientific committee, which provides technical advice in the preparation of enhancement plans and programs to be submitted for approval by the board of directors.

Alberto Moravetti, President

Carla Del Vais, Committee Member

Carlo Lugliè, Committee Member

Raimondo Zucca, Committee Member


Audit Body
The audit body verifies financial management, ensures proper accounting practices, and provides opinions through appropriate reports on budget planning and final accounts.

Antonio Calaresu, Effective Member

Pietro Maricosu, Effective Member

Antonio Loi, Effective Member

Rossella Merola, Substitute Member

Maria Laura Vacca, Substitute Member


Management and Organizational Structure
The director is responsible for proposing and driving the objectives and activity programs of the Foundation, as well as carrying out administrative functions and management tasks.

Nadia Canu, Director

Management Staff

Valeria Porcu

Presidential Staff

Gian Mario Spiga, legal support and external relations

Valentina Atzeni, communication and press office

Mara Marongiu, administration

Technical Area

Alessandro Girei, manager

Melania Floris, technician

Edoardo Piras, administrative

Financial Administrative Area

Maria Sofia Pippia, manager

Maria Pia Carta, administrative

Eleonora Pinna, administrative

Emanuela Erdas, administrative

Maria Filomena Spanu, administrative

Other functions

Rosa Maria Succu, organizational secretariat



Statute of the Foundation