Social media policy


The website for the promotion and enhancement of the sculpture complex of Mont’e Prama, accessible at (hereinafter the “website”) has created social media profiles as strategic and complementary communication tools to encourage contact with users and facilitate wider dissemination of the information contained in the website and, in general, on the archaeological site of Mont’e Prama. The external social media policy sets out the rules of conduct that users are required to observe when interacting with the website’s social media pages and profiles. This policy can also be consulted through the pages of the linked social media.


The  Facebook page and account “We are Mont’e Prama Sardegna” and Instagram “wearemonteprama” are edited and managed by the Fondazione Mont’e Prama (hereinafter “manager”).


The page is a space for communicating and sharing with the community, the media and other institutions, information about the activities, projects, initiatives and promotion of the archaeological site of Mont’e Prama.


We publish posts about: news, information, events, projects and initiatives of the regional administration, press releases, also through links to the Region’s official portal, thematic and special websites and the websites of other institutions. The posts are accompanied by multimedia materials (photos, videos, infographics, etc.) which, unless otherwise specified, are to be considered released under the Creative Commons license – CC BY NC SA (

Permitted user behaviour
Only users who can be identified by name and surname are allowed to participate in conversations. To guarantee freedom of expression and encourage public debate, free contributions are accepted as long as they are respectful, together with constructive criticism, reports of problems and inefficiencies and suggestions for solutions and new initiatives. Each user is directly responsible for their opinions, which must be expressed in a correct manner that does not harm other users or the regional administration, while respecting the opinions of others.
Users may:
– “like” posts
– make comments on content
– share posts.

Prohibited user behaviour
No insults, threats, offensive or foul language or discriminatory attitudes with respect to gender, sexual orientation, age, religion, personal and political opinions, ethnic origin and disability will be tolerated. The manager will remove any comments deemed unlawful, defamatory and/or libellous, invasive of the privacy of others or discriminatory. In accordance with Law 150/2000, and in the general public interest, advertising and propaganda content will also be removed and, more generally, any content that uses messages for commercial or political purposes, or in violation of copyright, or in support of illegal activities.

The moderation of comments is designed to weed out any behaviour contrary to the rules of use. Account administrators have the right to delete without notice comments which may amount to criminal offence, contrary to the law or not complying with the rules of this policy. The manager reserves the right to block users who violate these rules, and to report possible offences to the competent authorities. Account administrators may remove any content not considered relevant or pertinent to the functions and activities of the website “”

Except in urgent situations, moderation takes place during office hours, Monday through Friday, 09:00 to 18:00. Response times may vary depending on the topic proposed and the time required to find the information requested.

Protection of personal data
Without prejudice to the privacy policies of the individual social platforms, the processing of personal data is carried out in the manner set out in the Privacy Policy.