The Mont’e Prama Foundation plans and carries out enhancement and promotion activities, both nationally and internationally, for the cultural value represented by the statuary complex found in Mont’e Prama and the integrated cultural path of the cultural assets of Sinis – Land of Mont’e Prama.


Metropolitan Museum of Art

A new important agreement has been signed in New York by the Mont’e Prama Foundation for the promotion of the treasures of Sinis in an exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum of Art on the ancient history of Sardinia. The exhibition will open in May 2023, with a planned duration until November of the same year. The undisputed protagonist will once again be Manneddu, who, after the European tour, will fly to America to be displayed at the entrance of the classical Greek-Roman area of the Metropolitan Museum of Art: a section that attracts three million visitors per year.


The intersection of arts, cultures, experiences, and models of scientific dissemination will be the common thread of the Festivals that will enliven the summer of 2023, proposed by the Mont’e Prama Foundation between Cabras and the rest of the Oristano area, with important showcases made available to all archaeological sites on the island.

International Archaeology Festival “Island of Giants”

The second edition of the International Archaeology Festival “Island of Giants” will take place from June 27th to July 2nd, 2023, in Cabras, with a pre-festival (following the model of last year’s event in Barumini) in an archaeological site in the Oristano area. The epicenter of the events will be the park of the Civic Museum of Cabras, with scheduled events also in Solanas and other archaeological sites.
The format remains the same as the successful first edition: scientific dissemination and quality music will alternate, engaging in close dialogue between cultures and languages. Throughout the 2023 edition, each evening will feature a guest territory, showcasing its activities in the field of archaeological heritage enhancement, as a way to continue building networks between the Foundation and other realities on the island.

Archaeological Literature Festival

The second edition of the Archaeological Literature Festival will take place from July 7th to 9th in the village of San Salvatore di Cabras and will be preceded, on the days of July 5th and 6th, by the first edition of the Archaeofilm Festival, which will be hosted in the same location. Artists, speakers, and organizers will coexist in the characteristic  “novenario” (village hosting novena prayers) that hosts the highly anticipated festival at the beginning of September, providing the backdrop for the famous “Corsa degli Scalzi” (Race of the Barefoot), an event with strong religious and identity features that involves not only the Cabras community but now the entire Sardinia.

The Phoenician Route

From October 19th to 22nd, Cabras will also host the 20th edition of the international assembly of the Council of Europe’s itinerary “The Phoenician Route”, of which the ancient city of Tharros is a part. On that occasion, delegates from 15 countries in the extended Mediterranean area will arrive in Sinis. During the event, the Mont’e Prama Foundation will involve the municipalities of Porto Torres, Pula, and Sant’Antioco.


Cagliari Calcio and Dinamo Banco di Sardegna Sassari alongside the Mont’e Prama Foundation

The Mont’e Prama Foundation, as part of its project to study and launch targeted communication campaigns aimed at positioning the archaeological assets of Sinis and the entire island in the Italian and international markets, is currently conducting an extensive communication campaign in close collaboration with Cagliari Calcio and Dinamo Banco di Sardegna Sassari during the upcoming football championship, Champions League, and Serie A1 basketball league matches.

In 2022, the Foundation organized a photo exhibition in Genoa with Cagliari Calcio and exhibitions and conferences in Thessaloniki and Dijon with Dinamo. Initiatives are planned for 2023 in nine important Italian cities (Palermo, Bari, Brescia, Venice, Parma, Milan, Bologna, Naples, Trieste).


Visitor Center

2022 witnessed the birth of the Visitor Center in Cagliari, an exclusive space of over 120 square meters where visitors can experience virtual reality to learn about the Archaeological Museum of Cabras, the ancient city of Tharros, the Santa Cristina sacred well, and the village of San Salvatore di Sinis. Life-sized 3D projections showcase all the Giants’ statues. Furthermore, there are virtual games with puzzles, a map to discover places to visit, and a series of large screens featuring videos dedicated to the city of Cagliari and six archaeological and historical sites of the island, along with photographic galleries dedicated to Sardinia and its historical, archaeological, and natural heritage.

The Visitor Center represents a crucial step in the dissemination and understanding of an invaluable heritage through the tools of technological innovation and immersive reality.