Territorial development

From the Giants of Mont’e Prama begins the path of the distributed museum of Sinis – Land of Mont’e Prama, a natural archaeological park rich in a history of seven thousand years.

A unified thematic pathway is being developed to enhance the archaeological and cultural heritage, beginning with the integration of management and enhancement activities for the cultural assets currently under the responsibility of the Foundation. These assets encompass the archaeological area of Mont’e Prama, the Civic Museum of Cabras, the archaeological area of Tharros, including its necropolis, the hypogeum of San Salvatore, and the Tower of San Giovanni. Moreover, with the recent inclusion of the Archdiocese of Oristano as a supporting partner in the Mont’e Prama Foundation, the churches of San Giovanni di Sinis and San Salvatore have also become part of this comprehensive initiative.

A strategic plan for tourist-cultural development and enhancement, including landscape improvement, to overcome the fragmentation of promotion and tourist service offerings, making it more suitable and appealing to national and international tourists, increasing the services offered to the public throughout the Sinis area, improving their quality, and achieving management efficiencies.

A project to integrate the different productive sectors related to the cultural assets of Sinis, involving actors from civil society in the enhancement process, capable of contributing their expertise, collaboration, operational synergies, and sharing programs, strategies, and operational methods.

A project aimed at increasing and integrating the services offered to the public, particularly tourist reception services, without neglecting cultural traditions, ethnography, and material culture in the fields of craftsmanship and food and wine.

Archeomagazine MP

Circulating information, promoting participation in processes, and disseminating news, history, and events are among the cultural and “political” missions that the Mont’e Prama Foundation wants to fulfill, including through Archeomagazine MP, a magazine that aims to give a voice to anyone working in the field of preservation, conservation, enhancement, and promotion of cultural heritage in Sardinia.

You can read the browsable versions of all the magazine issues on the website.