Giovanni Marongiu civic museum, Cabras

The sculptural heritage of Mont’e Prama is impressive: 44 sculptures, including archers, warriors, boxers and models of nuraghes,
plus numerous betyls.
But the number grows continuously with the continuation of the excavations and the restoration of the sculptures.

Know the Giant

On 22 March 2014 the two rooms devoted to the Mont’e Prama sculptures were inaugurated. The statues and other restored sculptures are exhibited in the show Mont’e Prama 1974-2014, set up in parallel with the National archaeological museum of Cagliari.
In 2015 a third room was opened, with the most outstanding findings of recent excavations, which are promptly restored.
An imposing group of sculptures: in the museum are on show 9 statues of the heroes of Mont’e Prama – 3 archers, 1 warrior and 5 boxers, 8 nuraghes – 2 simple, 3 four-lobed and 3 eight-lobed, and 2 betyls in sandstone.

In the context of the exhibition, CRS4 has created high-resolution, life-size 3D reconstructions
that can be used through the specially created multimedia stations situated in the exhibition halls
and, recently, a simplified geometric version
 of the 3D reconstructions of the entire sculptural complex
which are made available on this website for the first time.

see the 3D Giants

The display of the Giovanni Marongiu civic museum for the exhibition of models of nuraghes found during the excavations in 1979

The other collections of the museum

Inaugurated in 1997, the Giovanni Marongiu civic museum holds important findings regarding the municipal territory of Cabras, from prehistory to roman times.

The rooms of the museum display finds from the pre-nuragic village and necropolis of Cuccuru ‘e is Arrius, vases and other objects from the wells of the nuragic village of Sa Osa, the nuragic bronzes of the Pulix collection, findings from the phoenician-punic city of Tharros, one of the most ancient cities in Sardinia, and iron ingots from a wreck of roman times at Mal di Ventre, the most important underwater discovery of the last decades.

The small statuette of the Mother Goddess found at the site of Cuccuru ‘e Is Arrius and on show at the National archaeological museum of Cagliari
Reconstruction of the tophet of Tharros, Giovanni Marongiu civic museum, Cabras.

Giovanni Marongiu civic museum
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