Slide The archaeological site of Mont’e Prama
is located in the area of Cabras,
in the central portion of the Sinis peninsula.

Slide It lies between the gleaming white and pink quartz beach of Mari Ermi and the Cabras wetland, an unspoilt natural paradise where pink flamingos nest.

One From March 2014, the collection of Mont’e Prama sculptures has been on show in the exhibition Mont’e Prama 1974-2014 set up in parallel at the National archaeological museum in Cagliari and the civic museum ‘Giovanni Marongiu’ in Cabras.

In the context of the exhibition, CRS4 has created high-resolution, life-size 3D reconstructions that can be used through the specially created multimedia stations situated in the exhibition halls and, recently, a simplified geometric version of the 3D reconstructions of the entire sculptural complex which are made available on this website for the first time.

These last restored sculptures have been on show at the civic museum in Cabras since March 2015.

Overall, between the two museums, visitors will find exhibited: 27 anthropomorphic statues (not complete) – comprising 6 archers, 3 warriors and 18 boxers, one warrior’s shield, 16 models of nuraghes – of which 5 simple, 4 four-lobed, 6 eight-lobed and one indefinable, 9 betyls – 6 in sandstone and 3 in limestone, and other unidentified sculptures. But the number is growing as excavation of the necropolis continues.

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the restoration
The interesting documentary on the restoration works, made at Li Punti in 2008 VIEW