Cultural heritage restoration and preservation centre,


Li Punti Sassari

The large, fully equipped workspaces in the Restoration and preservation centre of Li Punti in Sassari, were perfect for the long, painstaking restoration work which has made it possible to catalogue and reassemble an important part of the nearly five thousand stone fragments found during the first excavation campaigns of the 1970s. The conservators and archaeologists were able to reassemble 24 statues of the heroes of Mont’e Prama, a warrior’s shield, 12 models of nuraghes and 3 betyls.

In November 2011, on conclusion of the works begun in 2007, a first temporary exhibition entitled La pietra e gli eroi (Stone and heroes) organised at the Centre exhibited for the first time since their discovery the Mont’e Prama statues and other sculptures restored up to that point in time. The exhibition also included a large number of finds not used in reconstruction of the sculptures.

Cultural heritage restoration and conservation centre
via Lorenzo Auzzas 3
07040 Li Punti (Sassari)

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